Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lenten disciplines

Now, when I take the time to observe it, I recognize Lent as a wonderful time to take a step back and work on some of life's harder stuff, at least the stuff that's hard for me. There is the "giving up" of something (sometimes) but that's only the beginning. For me, this year, it will be candy. Since my husband and I have been making "lifestyle changes" for our health, he thought I had already given that up, but no. I have a compulsive candy habit, recently fed by the leftovers from the giant bag of mini-packs of Jelly Bellies that I had purchased for Christmas stockings. (1 serving=3 mini-bags, 150 calories).
That is so I can be more mindful. I love to eat what I call "monkey food," especially when I am reading or studying--tiny food that I can mindlessly pop in my mouth.
I want to extend the theme of mindfulness into "getting my house in order" both literally and figuratively. I feel burdened by several tasks, large and small, that I need to (or want to) accomplish; many of them I keep forgetting to do. It is due to a lack of organization and discipline, and I believe by addressing these things I can free myself spiritually and emotionally.
In my mind, I call this "getting the monkeys off my back." During this time, perhaps I will also think about why I seem to be obsessed with monkey metaphors.