Monday, May 23, 2011

Plans and Possibilities

I am currently in Week Two of three weeks off, and as usual, the time seems to fill up almost without my participation. The time so far has been spent at meetings, an art festival, a birthday party, an overnight visit from out-of-state friends and this week there will be a doctor appointment, a shopping trip, and an out-of-town shower. On top of that, my car battery has died and I will need to get that taken care of.

I had hoped to have time for things like organizing my closet, photographs, computer files, and work and hobby items, as well as doing some crafting/scrapbooking, gentle hiking, and catching up on pleasure and professional reading. Most of these things are things I have been thinking about for some time now, but just don't seem to get to. I also want to re-purpose or re-focus my blog, or maybe even start a new one in conjunction with interests I hope to pursue...gentle hiking, for example.

It seems like it should be a matter of just doing it, but I really need a dedicated space for some of these activities. I had started to do it in our spare room, then my granddaughter moved in with us for a while and stayed in that room, so I have to get her things cleared out.

Right now I think my plan might be this: start a different blog in which I document my efforts to become a healthier person (incorporating the gentle hike material), and maintain this one as the age-focused blog, and then one more professional-interest based blog. I mean, I may or may not do these things, but I think if I set them up, it would be a way to create some personal accountability for my promises to myself. It's not so much whether anyone reads them or not, although that's always nice. I just like the idea of the goals being up there in some mildly public way as both a reminder and yes, an admonishment.