Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Go Green!

Exciting stuff: Both the men's and women's MSU basketball teams are going to the Final Four. Things are always just a little more fun around here when the men are playing in the Final Four, but the women, too...very cool.
I must be honest and say that there is much that I do not understand about the game, except the very basics. Nevertheless, we have been sharing season tickets with another couple for the men's games for the past four years or so, which is why this year is especially fun. I really want this for the seniors. When you watch people play over the course of their college career, you feel a connection to them, even though you don't know them.
Next year we'll have to start going to the women's games, too, I think.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good Things/Bad Things/Not Sure Yet

Good things: February is over. I feel about February the way Dana feels about is just a big waste of space that gets in the way of getting where you want to go.
Mom gave me an excellent gift.
Spring break starts soon and we can go someplace that is probably (please) warmer than here.
Bad things: Even though it's March, it's still so freakin' cold. There are piles of hideous snow on the ground. What would be quite charming in December is so depressing in March.
Not sure yet: We thought we had bought some time, like maybe a couple of years, to postpone and prepare for some major decisions. However, now our hand will be forced in one way or another. We must now make those huge decisions, but will have to go into "hurry up and wait" mode in order to collect enough information to make them. At any rate, whether we are ready or not, our life will soon change in big ways.