Thursday, July 28, 2005

The world will have to wait

I've had to take a break from thinking about ways to save the world. After a trip to northwestern Arkansas to look at possible retirement properties (too hilly for me, though) we came back, and after a scheduled heart catheter, my husband discovered he needed a bypass operation; he's actually very healthy except for some pesky and significant blockages he had. We left Arkansas on a Monday, arrived home on Tuesday, cath on Thursday, triple bypass the following Monday, home from the hospital Friday. Fortunately, he seems to be recovering pretty well so far, except for overdoing it a bit the past couple days. So this is summer so far: car accident (minor) resulting in fractured metatarsal, Mom's mastectomy, fall at grocery store resulting in several nice gifts from beer distributing company (Fossil watch, Timberland totebag, golf shirt and cap for husband with genuinely subtle logos on them. You'd have to look for them.), trip to Arkansas, husband's heart cath and bypass. I'm pretty tired of hospitals, but I do like the food in hospital cafeterias. Some of the offerings are surprisingly unhealthy (I was good, though.) So sorry, world, you'll have to wait for my wisdom.

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