Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why I finally applied for library school

I applied to library school because of a Unitarian message from God. I had been thinking about this for a long time, had done some considerable checking online into the program I was interested in, and requested some materials to be mailed to me. This stuff was sitting around my house, and I would look at it from time to time and not do anything about it. Then I read Dana's blog one day and she had posted a list of Web comic links. One was Unshelved, which had a post that linked to Questionable Content, and there I saw it: a t-shirt that says "She blinded me with Library Science." And I thought, "I. Must. Have it." However, if I ordered this shirt, having no connection to library science, I would be a poseur. I, therefore, applied for the program. And now, ironically, I have no time to read books or visit libraries, unless as part of one of my many assignments.


Dana Watson said...

Yes, but the important question is, did you indeed get the shirt?

I have one now that says "Good grammar costs nothing!" I suspect I have to go back into teaching now, though I can at least pretend I'm not posing because I have to review poorly edited books all day.

Also, I'm highly amused by the thought of having delivered a Unitarian message from God. I'm trying to come up with a good mental image of this entity and what his/her policy is on the proper delivery of messages.

Mary said...

1. Ordered it yesterday, after completing the first big assignment.
2. Good grammar is for everybody, and I think especially someone who reviews books; you are entitled to wear the shirt.
3. Through blogs and comics, apparently.