Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where my cookies at?

I like the food here. I do. At the OK market, there is an an entire aisle devoted to sausage. You can also buy dumplings in bulk. These are a few (or a couple) of my favorite things. However, in my trips abroad, one thing has eluded me. That is, a proper noshing cookie.

There are all kinds of wonderful biscuit-type confections to have with tea and coffee, and they are wonderful for that purpose. My stepson's wife (and my very dear friend) and I both enjoy day-old baked goods for the same purpose. They have lost just enough moisture and have just the right consistency to accompany a hot beverage.

What I am talking about is the kind you sit in front of the TV with (not at the table, like a lady, where I have my tea and biscuits). They should be full of bad stuff, including perhaps, high-fructose corn syrup (by which I am horrified in all other products). I'm talking Chips Ahoy, Oreos, and proper ones that are sweet, sweet, sweet...not like the abominations I once had in China. I know they must be good to others too (the Chips Ahoy) because my Korean visitors last summer bought them and tried to bring them to a concert and I had to tell them it was not allowed--to my chagrin as well as theirs, I assured them. And, for supposedly not liking sweets, they sure filled my grocery cart up with Sugar Frosted Flakes and the like (to my delight, because then I got to eat them too.)

The cookies should be eaten right out of the bag or box with crumbs falling right into one's lap, and there should be much channel switching. It's best to settle on something on TV Land or Lifetime. (There is a Hallmark channel on the satellite system here that serves a similar purpose, but no proper cookies). Maybe I just need to do some more shopping and experimenting. For now, I shall just have another biscuit while I watch CNN International. (I have to stay here for now because I have a load of wash in progress.)


Dana Watson said...

Mary! It's December! I need holiday preparation updates!

Mary said...

I have been so, so, busy which is why I am just now seeing this comment. My husband returned from his overseas assignment on the 16th, then most of the holiday preparations ensued in that week. The week before he returned was finishing stuff for both the classes I teach and classes I take, and my house decided to behave like an abandoned puppy while Ron was gone. At any rate, with Ron's help, the holiday preparations did get taken care of, but I have been pretty much curled up in my pajamas the past week. Tomorrow I hope to write a "year in review" kind of thing on here, because it's been a crazy, busy, intense, interesting year for me and I want to remember it.