Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Back to Reality

It has been six weeks since my surgery, and I will have to return to at least some portions of my real life. Here are some of the things I will miss about recovery:
  • Getting dressed whenever I want, if at all
  • Watching The Doctors and Everybody Loves Raymond reruns (and really guilty pleasures, the occasional Bewitched or Beverly Hillbillies rerun)
  • Flowers, cards, gifties like tea, candy, and stuffed animals to hold on my belly, getting taken to lunch (some overlap in attention here in that my birthday occurred during the recovery period)
  • Getting asked how I feel all the time
  • Permission to be self-centered
  • Playing with my scrapbook stuff (did not get many actual pages done, but played with my stuff a lot...organizing photos and supplies, cutting out things for future projects)
  • Doing silly things like decoupaging wooden tissue boxes
Here are things I won't miss:
  • Not being able to play with my dog
  • Pain, soreness, discomfort
  • The inability to find a comfortable position to sit or sleep
  • Not being able to watch a comedy special or a funny movie because it hurts too much to laugh
  • The Creeping Weepies
  • Boredom!
So right now I'm in the middle...have not been officially "released" yet, but know I will be soon, and feeling well enough to participate in some, but not all, the stuff of life.

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