Sunday, September 11, 2005

Resolutions for the REAL New (school) Year

In a previous post, I talked of this time of year being my "new year," and one of my "resolutions" is to pay more attention to my blog and try to do more things on it. I want to make a list of links to the blogs I read regularly, but haven’t found out how to do that yet. I will say I check Dana’s and Neil’s blogs every day, and also I’m going to try to post every day just for the personal discipline aspect, like keeping a daily journal. I don’t know how to make one of those lists on the side yet.
Maybe I will start posting pictures, too, now that we have a scanner that works with our newer computer.
I’ll write about work, books I read and movies I see, and the 25th anniversary party I have planned in August. So far I have booked a venue for it and lined up a decorator (Shari, of course) and a cake maker( Jamie). I also want to do a DVD slide show (or, more likely, have it done for me.)
It’s kind of hard to write about some things on my mind, because it gets into other people’s lives and issues, and that’s somewhat difficult when using this kind of forum. I will also try to relate things more closely to the theme/title of the blog.
I’m going to try to take it up in terms of quality, but in order to motivate myself to do that, I’ll have to concentrate on quantity. A favorite quote of mine, attributed to Woody Allen, is something to the effect that 80% of success in life is based on showing up. Therefore, that’s what I will concentrate on for a while.


Dana Watson said...

Now I feel all shamed, since I haven't been writing on anything like a regular basis for months now. Bad, bad me.

Mary said...

No, no....My checking is not designed to create an obligation. It is merely my pattern--check Dana's blog, check Neil's blog, check waiterrant, write a letter, check the stove, write a letter, check the stove. Don't let my OCD start a shame spiral, for that will create all kinds of new problems for me:) (Plus I want to see what exciting places you've been or what exciting things you've done lately.)

Neil Sinhababu said...

Thanks Mary! I'm always happy to have you reading.