Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm doing a little bit better now because I've got skin in the game. I joined one of these contests in which you submit some money. If you lose a certain percentage of weight by a certain time, you get your money back, and you split up the money of those who didn't meet the goal among the successful participants.

The percentage I need to lose in the amount of time I need to lose it is not at all unreasonable, and will get me back into the clothes that no longer fit.

There is a situation going on at work that is making me really angry, so I don't know whether that anger is going to help me burn off calories or make me want to eat unhealthy things to handle the stress. It is certainly a motivator for exercise. The situation is being handled via the proper channels, but I'm in this place now where I just want a WIN. I wonder if this is what happens to politicians; at some point, it's not so much about principles, but they just don't want to be beat down in the game. (To be clear, it is still about the principles for me, but I really want to play the hand I have well. I want people to know that those of us affected know how.)

I think I'm going to call the guy who cuts my hair this week. I'm going to ask him to give me something that looks corporate scary.

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