Sunday, January 29, 2012


I'm still trying to work on the health stuff one good choice at a time. The weight is going in the right direction (down, of course) but very slowly. My husband was really successful with modified Perricone so he'd like me to try that. He's willing to cook for me, so I'll give it a go. One problem I have with plans that are somewhat prescriptive in nature is I have to think about food too much and then I start obsessing in a way that causes me to want to eat constantly. He does most of the cooking anyway (he's a very good cook) so it will feel pretty natural. Some things I've been doing well are avoiding second helpings, snacking on fruit, and making better choices (usually) when I eat away from home. I have to work on my angry eating, candy fixation (the world is full of candy), and eating between meals.

I had to skip my second week of bowling because I pulled a muscle in my back during a coughing fit. The strong meds, warm Thermacare packs and pain caused me to sleep a lot for a few days, so that kept me away from the fridge. I did get to the third week of bowling and had fun (although my teammates never think I'm having fun because I always seem tense, but that's just how I seem when I'm doing anything out of the ordinary). I drink beer at bowling (not too much), so I will plan for that from a calorie standpoint.

The annoying work stuff has been tempered by a wonderful opportunity. It looks like I will be teaching an online class connected with a trip to Germany, and I'll be going on that trip as well. That is another incentive to get in better shape. It's just easier to travel from a variety of perspectives when one is strong and slender...long plane trips, wardrobe/packing choices, carrying stuff and so on. I have to complete the application (it's for another CC) today. I thought it would be a simple application for the record, but it appears I have to prepare a lot of accompanying materials. I'm trying to figure out every class I've taught for the past five years, going through papers and whatnot. It's also motivating me to review what German I know, especially since I've been getting kind of lazy because I'm auditing my current class. The class I'm teaching is more a cultural/preparation kind of thing, so fluency is not so important. I'm going to do some intensive study anyway because I want to be a good example.

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